we help you grow market share

by increasing your brand's digital visibility

by improving your brand's perceived relevance

by boosting your brand's trust signals

gain a competitive edge through our proprietary vrt framework

VRT calculates competitive brand Visibility, Relevance and Trust.


Today’s buyer spends every waking moment with the most sophisticated tool ever created to solve problems and fulfill desires: their phone. It provides an instant gateway for research and discovery via search and social platforms, and it’s almost always part of their journey from the conscious recognition of a need, all the way to their purchase decision.

Most brands understand this but don’t account for the numerous blinds spots where their competition is visible but they are not. They heavy up in some digital channels that they are comfortable with while leaving other opportunities wide open for competitors to exploit.

Some brands even make the mistake of being too dependent on their channel partners to create visibility for their products because they are reluctant to “overstep” their role as a manufacturer. Unfortunately, these brands are the most likely to be disrupted.

As your partner, we shed light on the competitive blind spots and help you design a plan to increase visibility in every place your buyer is looking.


Once you’re found, you need to matter and stand out from the crowd. Buyers have learned how to quickly scan a website, or ad, and quickly identify how relevant the solution is to them. They will tease out the differentiating qualities (if there are any) and styles of each solution and compare those traits to the various prices and promotions being offered.

This moment of truth determines if the buyer puts you in their consideration set or continues their search for other competitive brands that connect with them and their needs.

Successful brands that are taking market share know how to articulate why they’re relevant, special, and more valuable than their competitors. We show you how you’re perceived relative to your competitors, then help you sharpen your brand positioning, online merchandising, and storytelling so that it syncs with the buyers that are best suited for your brand.


A two-legged stool will not stand. The same is true for your brand if the buyer discovers your brand and believes there's a relevant fit but then finds reviews, ratings, and stories that are inconsistent with the values your brand presents and the promises it makes.

A brand’s online reputation will often make or break a sale, especially for an expensive purchase. We find that not enough brands are proactively doing everything they can to collect and promote the stories of their happiest and most loyal customers. They often miss the opportunity to enlist and nurture online influencers. They lack the social listening, response, or proactive tactics to leverage the goodwill they’ve earned, or to understand and fix the real issues that are killing their reputation.

We partner with our brands to help them build and gain online trust while helping them mitigate legacy reputation issues. Together, we help brands be found, stand out, and be trusted.

77% of homeowners

perform online research before a large purchase. These buyers will develop a brand preference for your brand if you're found, relevant and trusted. They will be led to another brand if you're not.



Buyer browses products in store

Buyer is lead by sales associate’s brand preference

Buyer makes purchasing decision based on limited information, store promotion, and retailer’s bias.



Buyer researches and discovers brands online

Brand preference is developed through VRT

Buyer locates where selected brand is sold and seeks it out

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