VRT Competitive Market Analysis

Know the ins and outs of your competitors and understand what you need to do to take market share

Competitive Knowledge Is Power

Why It's Critical

Put simply: To win in a competitive category, your business must be visible to the buyer, relevant to their needs, and trusted to care for them. It’s a simple formula but somehow hard for most organizations to get right.

How We Can Help

We collect and analyze over 100 data points to determine the relative visibility, relevancy and trust of each competitor within an industry. Each competitor can earn a score from 0-100 in each of the three components. Each component score is calculated based on various weighted data points. The scores are then weighted and combined to arrive at the total VRT score. A higher score indicates greater digital dominance relative to its peers.

Insights that Lead to Action

• Actionable competitive intelligence & recommendations

• Identified strengths and weaknesses

• "Outside the walls" perspective on your brand positioning


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